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Actualizado: 6 anos 9 semanas atrás

Demonstration: Open borders - Åbne grænser - Offene Grenzen!

Quarta, 15/06/2011 - 12:02
Young people from both Denmark and Germany will on June 17th (this Friday) jointly demonstrate against the re-establishment of controls at the Danish borders. A broad coalition of youth organizations from across the political spectrum as well as the Young European Federalists will meet at 16:00 at the border crossing Krusau, sawing up a symbolic turnpike and sending balloons into the sky. Among the groups participating are LYMEC member organizations Junge Liberale (DE) and Radikal Ungdom (DK). We are all of the opinion that the abolishment of internal border controls in Europe is one of the greatest achievements of the European integration process and that it must not be given up! More information can be found on Facebook: (Danish event site) (German event site)
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The president and members of LYMEC member organisation Musavat Youth arrested in Azerbaijan

Terça, 07/06/2011 - 14:15
Political panorama in Azerbaijan became very complicated recently. The government increased repression against the opposition, especially the young protesters. Parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan were held on 7th November 2011, but president lham Aliyev did not allow the opposition parties to be represented in Parliament. The dissatisfaction of the general public led to the creation of an organization named Public Chamber. This organization connects the opposition parties, non-governmental organizations and neutral individuals. On the 2nd April 2011, the Public Chamber organised a gathering in the centre of Baku, on the Fountain Square. During the protest about two hundred protesters were detained by the police. The police also created diversions during the protest action, namely they were the ones breaking the glasses of the shops, to make it look like violent protests.
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IFLRY and LYMEC welcome Mladić arrest and urge Serbia to continue international justice process

Terça, 31/05/2011 - 14:01
On Thursday Serbian authorities arrested Ratko Mladić, the wartime commander of the Bosnian Serbs Army. Mladić was arrested in the small village of Lazarevo, near Zrenjanin, a town north of the Serbian capital Belgrade. He was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 1995 for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. Mladić has to face the charges of being responsible for the siege of Sarajevo and for the genocide in Srebrenica, the largest ethnically-motivated massacre in Europe after World War II. IFLRY and LYMEC welcome the arrest of Mladić as an important step for Serbia towards EU integration and especially as a step forward for regional reconcilation. However, there is still a bad feeling in sense of late finding of Mladić, especially because intellectual elites in Serbia say that Mladić had the support of former Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica and of several political groups. Though the arrest was long overdue, IFLRY and LYMEC welcome Mladić's arrest as the necessary first step towards a genuine regional reconciliation and stabilisation.
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Malta: Divorce between state and church!

Segunda, 30/05/2011 - 11:51
Reacting to the news that 52 per cent of the votes in Sunday's referendum were in favour of allowing divorce in Malta, LYMEC President Alexander Plahr comments: "Up until now Malta is one of only three countries in the world –together with the Vatican and the Philippines- that do not allow divorce. This is an utterly inacceptable situation for an EU member state. Malta should have never been allowed to join the Union with these kinds of laws still in place. All the more we therefore applaud the decision of Maltese voters yesterday to finally allow divorce on the island nation." "LYMEC now calls on the Maltese government under Conservative Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi to start the process of changing the respective laws as soon as possible, respecting the wishes of his citizens." "Malta has to finally arrive in the 21st century: The much too close relationship between state and church is in the process of being divorced! Individual liberty has achieved an important victory this weekend, but Malta still has to come a long way. The next issues that need to be talked about are how the country deals with abortion and whether all people are allowed to live their sexuality without the state interfering" Plahr ends.
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